Do You.

Today I saw a video by ET the Hip-Hop Preacher entitled "WESTBROOK THEORY". In the video he talked about comparing ourselves to others and listening to what "they" say. But who are "they"? And more importantly why do "they" get to tell us how to be us?

ET said something that made me think. He asked the question, "how many of us did things when we were 19/20 to fit in with everyone else? and why did we waste all that time? We could've done so much more just being us and not trying to be "them"."

It hit home with me. That's the movement I'm pushing with #beStrong19. Finding who we are and EMBRACING who we are so that we can fully live out our purpose. We waste so much time trying to fit in that we lose out on precious moments where we could impact others or help those who need it, if only we were ourselves and playing to our strengths. This blog post is a short one but it's a simply yet important concept. DO YOU. Playing sports. DO YOU. Making music. DO YOU. Studying for school. DO YOU. Picking a major in college. DO YOU. Making a plan to execute your dreams. DO YOU. Eating a PB&J sandwich. DO YOU. So many people will be there to tell you how to do this and how to do that in order to be successful but they only go off what method worked for them. Everyone's different with different capabilities, talents, and skill sets. There is no sure-way method in life. Everyone's different and we should play to those differences. There's a million ways to make something work out and find success with it, you just gotta find the one that works for you.

I mean, look at Jesus, he never healed the same illness using the same method. Everyone is unique and He knew that. So he played to what would work for them individually whether using mud or spit or just by a simple touch. We need to follow that example and do the same. See who we are, stop being ashamed and embrace our uniqueness and live out what we were meant to do being who we truly are. The world says we should be afraid and ashamed, but God says we should be strong and courageous. I say we do it. I say we do us. DO YOU. #beStrong19

- Joshua

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