#IAmMeIAmLoved - week dos

So this past Saturday marked week two of the video series "I Am Me. I Am Loved." and we the response so far has been good. Danielle talked about her struggle from, "...being a kid to feeling like the parent of her parents..." and she talks about the ways that she dealt with that in high school, "going out a lot...drinking a lot...". She finds who she is though and comes to see that she indeed is loved for who that is. Check out her video here ----> bit.ly/danielledIAMIAL

Elisa has been on a search for who she is as well. She talks about going from one thing to the next trying to find her place, "...been involved in all sorts of groups from sports to work, to clubs to youth group." She never quite fit in or found where she felt she belonged. She talks about the expectations put on her and comes to see that throughout that journey, and she admits it's still ongoing, God has always been there for her to lean on. She ends talking about coming to see that who she is is exactly who God made her to be and there's nothing wrong with it, in fact, it should be embraced. Watch her video here ----> bit.ly/elisabIAMIAL

Stay tuned in for two more videos this upcoming Saturday y'all!!! Let's keep it moving. #WHOAMI #IAmMeIAmLoved

Much love

- Joshua #beStrong19

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