Joshua Reveals Mixtape's Cover Art

Hello everyone!

So this past Saturday launched the journey of “I am me; I am loved.” The introduction video to the journey has done well so far, getting over 100 views this first week. I see anticipation building which excites me even more for the next several weeks as we build up to the release of “Who Am I?”. in 3 days we’ll be releasing two new videos of two people sharing their stories of their struggles when it comes to identity. Cannot wait. You’ll see different photos on social media of people holding whiteboards with the #WhoAmI written on it, join in with the movement and tell your story with it. This movement isn’t just about me, or the people in the videos, it’s about all of us. We all struggle with this. Let’s face it together.

Speaking of my mixtape. I wanted to share the cover art with you all. So here it is!

Stay tuned for more updates y’all! Love ya’ll!

BeStrong19 it’s a movement. 2017 yeah man we’re gon’ prove it.

- Joshua #beStrong19

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