ANNOUNCEMENT! Joshua announces new visual project and mixtape release dates.

Hey guys! I have a big announcement!! So as you have seen in the recent instagram and twitter posts, I am currently working on a mixtape called "Who Am I?" along with a video series called "I Am Me. I Am Loved." "I Am Me. I Am Loved." is a video series of testimonials, currently consisting of 12 videos, of people sharing their experience on their personal struggles with identity; hearing what the world/society tells them they are and figuring out who they really are and embracing that. This video series ties directly into my upcoming mixtape, "Who Am I?" as in the mixtape I will be walking through a 13-track journey of my struggles in finding my identity. "I Am Me. I Am Loved." will be making its debut on January 7th, 2017 and every Saturday after that, leading up to February 24th, 2017 (the release date of "Who Am I?"), two videos will be released. Get ready y'all, so much is in store! Just 11 more days!

I personally am so excited for both of these projects to be released. The world will always have something to say about what we do and who we are but the world does not define us, only God does that. Know who you are and whose you are. And as always, be strong, courageous and don't be afraid.

Much love

- Joshua #BESTRONG19

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