About Joshua


Joshua is a rapper, poet and speaker.  Joshua has been active as a recording artist since late 2012 when he started recording his own stuff in his room. Not signed to any label, Joshua works independently. Active in the church, Joshua has had the opportunity to perform his original work to youth groups and several congregations in the Northwestern Chicago Suburb area. A native to the Chicago-land area, Joshua currently resides in Itasca, IL. As well as being a rapper, Joshua writes and performs spoken word poetry. Going to different local coffee shops, he is able to perform his original poetry.


At 24 years of age, Joshua has had the opportunity to perform at 5 youth conferences, from 2014-2017; three held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL and two held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Belvidere, IL. Performing his original spoken word pieces as well as rapping a few songs getting the crowds to their feet. Inspired by the art of Hip-Hop and the art of communication and motivation, Joshua brings his faith in the spotlight of his music hoping to inspire those who listen to believe not only in themselves but in the love of Jesus.


Joshua released his debut demo mixtape, RELEASED, on his SoundCloud account on October 31st, 2015. He has performed locally over the last year throughout the suburbs and the city of Chicago. Surrounded by a team of people who push him and believe in him, he's been focused on moving forward and working hard. In early 2017, Joshua released a project called "Who Am I?". This was a 13-track mixtape taking his listeners on a journey of discovery of self and identity. With performances and shows to follow, Joshua wanted to keep the music growing and quickly got back to work on his laptop and in his home studio. For a year and a half, he worked on producing his own music, growing as a songwriter, and expanding his connections. Now, as of Oct. 12th, 2018, his first of four EP's in his new series - A Time for Everything - has been released. While excited for the future and what it may possibly hold, Joshua is embracing where he is at and learning to be present in the moments at hand. Sharing the reasons for his hope within his music has him fired up for where God is taking him. 

Joshua has come a long ways from where he was 3 years ago. From being a kid with a dream no one believed in, who had zero confidence to being a young man who's performed at several youth conferences, been a key-note speaker at the Poured Out Youth Conference in Belvedere, IL,  has performed at several churches, multiple venues in Chicago, and now in different states. Although he's come so far, he stays grounded and humble, knowing he's still a work in progress with a long ways to go. Driven by the verse, Joshua 1:9, "Be strong and very courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you may go." In this world that tells people that they are not good enough to go after their dreams, Joshua believes they are. That's the drive behind the movement #beStrong19. Joshua has heard too many times to give up but then he remembers that this life isn't his to call the shots in , it's God's. And also... he remembers a quote from a YouTube video...


"You can fail at doing something that you don't want so you might as well take a chance on doing something that you love." - Jim Carey. 

Welcome the journey... it's just the beginning.

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